The Lawyer's Chambers Kazimierz Koperwas, Kazimierz Banasiak, Robert Banasiak have been in existence on legal market for several years. The Attorneys and Advocate's Trainees, of whom each of the three Chambers composes of, are all members of Okręgowa Rada Adwokacka in Wałbrzych. We are characterized by a high level of knowledge and experience gained from previously performed legal professions. We create a harmonious team of associates and our experience is being continuously enriched through cooperation with other Lawyer's Chambers, Notary’s Offices, Tax Advisors, and other Experts. The primal assignment of our Chambers is to assure our clients constant, thorough and professional legal aid, so as their rights were properly represented not only in front of Courts, but of any other Authority. Among the wide range of our legal services you will find assistance in the field of criminal, civil, family, commercial, and tax law, as well as building regulations and many other domains, where detailed knowledge of professional legal literature and subject-matter is indispensable. The Chambers provide services to both individual clients and transactors, including regular lawyers' service and trading partnerships and their complex service. We pay peculiar attention to ethics principles and profession dignity, for only these two guarantee proper service and client’s safety, as well as keeping the professional secret, which is our top priority. Although we follow the spirit of the age, tradition and invariability of moral principles are of the highest value to us.

We are at your service.